SMS Karlsruhe

  • Type: Light Cruiser
  • Class: Königsberg
  • Length: 112m
  • Beam: 12m
  • The only Königsberg class cruiser to be successfully scuttled in Scapa Flow. Sister ships SMS Nürnberg and Emden, also interned, were beached by the British before they could sink.

SMS Karlsruhe

SMS Karlsruhe is the most broken up cruiser remaining in Scapa Flow but this does not detract from the wreck. Inaccessible areas on other cruisers become accessible on Karlsruhe.

As a result this wreck offers plenty of opportunity for exploration without the need for complex penetrations into an unknown jungle of enclosed spaces.

The SMS Karlsruhe can initially appear as a jumble but, once the patterns are explained and recognised, the wreck comes alive.

With her starboard side lying in 25 metres of water a diver can spend upwards of 40 minutes on a single dive, investigating the mysteries this wreck has to offer.

This vessel certainly bodes well for the future of diving in Scapa Flow proving that, as the wrecks age and break up, they will continue to offer spectacular diving.

karlsruhe 3d wreck

SMS Karlsruhe 3D Shipwreck Tour

The common assumption that wrecks become less interesting as they deteriorate is dispelled by the Karlsruhe. The hull has been extensively blasted exposing many interesting components. Find Out More...

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There is an array of dive boats operating in the Scapa Flow area. Covering all the main dive sites and offering either liveaboard style diving or day trips, there is an option to suit every diver. Find Out More...