SMS König

  • Type: Battleship
  • Class: König
  • Length: 146m
  • Beam: 28m
  • König led the German line in the Battle of Jutland, suffering 10 heavy and five or six medium-calibre hits. One officer and 44 men were killed.

SMS König

All three of the scuttled battleships remaining in Scapa Flow belong to the König class. This stately warship was the namesake of her class. As she has deteriorated she has become a rewarding wreck for experienced divers.

She lies nearly overturned in 38 metres of water and extensively broken up. The salvage teams, although causing considerable damage, exposed areas that remain hidden on the other battleships. The engine room alone is worth a dive as so many of its component parts remain.

König was a formidable force in her day and was the leading ship in the German line at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.

She may now be the least-visited ship of the High Seas Fleet, but in the right hands is a brilliant wreck and forms a unique insight into the battleships of the German High Seas Fleet.

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SMS König 3D Shipwreck Tour

The salvaging operation left the König heavily damaged. However, it has exposed many areas and has left a unique insight into a WWI battleship. Diving this wreck is all about discovering its intricacies. Find Out More...

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There is an array of dive boats operating in the Scapa Flow area. Covering all the main dive sites and offering either liveaboard style diving or day trips, there is an option to suit every diver. Find Out More...