The Forester was a schooner from Montrose. It was wrecked off the island of Switha in bad weather on 25 December 1855. Local Orkney fishermen saved the four-man crew.

John O Groats Journal - 12 January 1855 - The Late Gales

In the gale which occurred on the 24th and 25th the schooner ‘Marshall’ of Spey was driven on shore in Kirkbay, Flotta; and the ‘Forester’ of Montrose, Morgan master, on the Island of Switha. The crews were saved but both vessels have become total wrecks.

They were in ballast, to load potatoes in Orkney. I observe the materials of the 'Marshall' are to be sold in Flotta tomorrow, by Captain Gray, Lloyds agent here. This is the second vessel Captain Morgan has unfortunately stranded in this quarter this year, he being master of the ‘Elizabeth’ of Montrose, which went on shore on the island of Stroma in the month of June.

  • Date lost: 1854
  • Location: West side of Switha