SMS Brummer

  • Type: Fast mine-layer
  • Class: Brummer
  • Length: 140m
  • Beam: 13m
  • SMS Brummer and SMS Bremse were mine-laying vessels, built for speed, with lighter armour and fewer guns than light cruisers. Both ships were scuttled in Scapa Flow but SMS Bremse was raised in 1929.

SMS Brummer

A firm favourite amongst many divers, the SMS Brummer was left largely intact by the salvage teams and makes an enthralling, impressive dive.

SMS Brummer was a mine-laying cruiser designed for speed. Today the ship lies on her starboard side in 36 metres of water with much of her arsenal on the seafloor.

This wreck provides an involved dive without the need for an overly technical commitment. However, routes that were once easy to navigate have become harder to follow in recent years following a series of collapses.

Nevertheless, with the help of an experienced guide, or with knowledge of how the wreck is collapsing, SMS Brummer still has a lot to reveal. Specific features such as the brass bridge emphasise the scale and beauty of this class of historic warship.

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SMS Brummer 3D Shipwreck Tour

Most of the salvage effort on the SMS Brummer was concentrated on the engine room, with the rest of the wreck remaining largely intact. The bridge remains an iconic sight and is instantly recognisable. Find Out More...

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There is an array of dive boats operating in the Scapa Flow area. Covering all the main dive sites and offering either liveaboard style diving or day trips, there is an option to suit every diver. Find Out More...