SMS Cöln

  • Type: Light Cruiser
  • Class: Cöln
  • Length: 115m
  • Beam: 12m
  • Launched in 1916. Commissioned into service with High Seas Fleet in January 1918, just 10 months before end of World War I. Her sister ship SMS Dresden also lies in Scapa Flow.

SMS Cöln

SMS Cöln is the most intact of the four cruisers remaining in the depths of Scapa Flow. She now rests on her starboard side, but it is easy to imagine the wreck turned 90 degrees and grandly floating on the surface as the formidable warship she once was.

SMS Cöln is a light cruiser of the Cöln class. Sister ship SMS Dresden was also scuttled in Scapa Flow and never raised by the salvagers.

Today SMS Cöln lies in 36 metres of water but extends up to 22 metres at the shallowest point.

Unlike some of the warships, SMS Cöln is not a complex wreck to navigate and, combined with her depth, is well within the grasp of competent sport divers.

The imposing stem and Armoured Control Tower are just two of the intact features that help to make such a memorable wreck.

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SMS Cöln 3D Shipwreck Tour

To this day the SMS Cöln remains a striking warship. With all the main structures intact and recognisable, this wreck is immediately impressive. The armoured control tower and the bridge remain distinctive structures. Find Out More...

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There is an array of dive boats operating in the Scapa Flow area. Covering all the main dive sites and offering either liveaboard style diving or day trips, there is an option to suit every diver. Find Out More...