58 52.969N, 3 08.526W
LENGTH: 146m

SMS Kronprinz 3D Shipwreck

Explore the SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm shipwreck in 3D. Simply drag with your mouse to move around the wreck.

Kronprinz Wilhelm lies almost upside down in 38 metres with her bows pointing north-west. Her superstructure prevented her from overturning completely so now her port side can be explored. Salvors have removed the armour belt from the side of the hull, allowing safe access into a number of different areas of the ship.

As a trio, the battleships hold the most nourishment for divers but, due to their size, complexity and orientation, they require quite a few dives and a fair bit of homework to decipher.

For this reason they often leave divers cold on the first few dives as, without a knowledge of where to go and what to see, they can appear as an impenetrable mass of twisted steel plates. However, Kronprinz Wilhelm offers a good first step down the road of that understanding and opens the door on the other battleships too.

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Wrecks Protected Status

In recognition of their historical and cultural importance, the wrecks of the Cöln, Dresden, Brummer, Karlsruhe, Kronprinz Wilhelm, König and Markgraf have been protected as scheduled monuments. Divers are welcome to enjoy and respect these wrecks but removal of artefacts from them is illegal. For more information, please visit the: MCA Website

This 3D shipwreck visualisation is intended as a guide only and does not pretent to be entirely accurate. Always research/plan your dive with care and always dive within your limits. 3deep Media, Orkney Island Council or any other organisations involved with this website do not accept any responsibilty for injury or loss of life as a result of diving in Scapa Flow.

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