58°53.13N; 3°09.07W
LENGTH: 146m

SMS König 3D Shipwreck

Explore the SMS König shipwreck in 3D. Simply drag with your mouse to move around the wreck.

The wreck lies nearly completely overturned in 38 metres and is largely broken up. Although the blast damage is considerable, the salvaging operation has exposed areas that remain hidden on the other battleships. The engine room alone is worth a dive as so many of its component parts remain.

König was a formidable force in her day and was the leading ship in the German line at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. She may now be the least visited ship of the High Seas Fleet wrecks, but König is a brilliant wreck for the experienced and well-briefed diver.


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Wrecks Protected Status

In recognition of their historical and cultural importance, the wrecks of the Cöln, Dresden, Brummer, Karlsruhe, Kronprinz Wilhelm, König and Markgraf have been protected as scheduled monuments. Divers are welcome to enjoy and respect these wrecks but removal of artefacts from them is illegal. For more information, please visit the: MCA Website

This 3D shipwreck visualisation is intended as a guide only and does not pretend to be entirely accurate. Always research/plan your dive with care and always dive within your limits. 3deep Media, Orkney Island Council or any other organisations involved with this website do not accept any responsibility for injury or loss of life as a result of diving in Scapa Flow.

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