The interactive 3D viewer offers you the chance to explore the wrecks of the High Seas Fleet before descending the shot line. This new technology brings these fascinating wrecks to the surface, allowing you to navigate around the wrecks as they appear today. Discover the points of interest, browse through stunning underwater photography and even watch film clips.

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From vast battleships resting in the heart of Scapa Flow, to smaller blockships dotted along the rugged coastline, Orkney makes for a unique diving destination. Not only is Orkney a captivating and charming place, but the wrecks and their incredible history create a poignant and enthralling atmosphere.

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As part of the Armistice agreement signed with Germany, 74 ships of the German High Seas Fleet arrived in Scapa Flow for internment in November 1918. The fleet was scuttled on 21 June 1919 in the mistaken belief that peace talks had failed. A total of 52 ships made it to the seafloor and this remains as the greatest loss of shipping ever recorded in a single day.

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Scapa Flow: Historic Wreck Site

Scapa Flow ranks as one of the world’s top diving destinations, but many people who will never even get their feet wet are fascinated with what lies beneath its surface.

This website provides the definitive guide to the maritime archaeology and history of Scapa Flow. It results from a collaborative project involving maritime archaeologists, divers, dive-boat operators and historians – their expert local knowledge has helped ensure that the site is as accurate and useful as possible.

With a world-class wreck resource set in the rugged beauty of the Orkney landscape, visiting Scapa Flow is an unparalleled experience. Some wrecks offer a fantastic introduction to wreck diving, others a stimulating challenge for technical divers. However, provides a window into this world for everyone around the globe, whether they are divers or not.

Choose a category on the right to begin exploring, whether your interest is the wrecks themselves, their history or their wildlife.

Scapa Flow Map

Scapa Flow Interactive Map

Explore the interactive map to pinpoint the wrecks, areas of local interest and sites of historical significance. Fascinating archival maps offer an insight into Scapa Flow throughout history. Find Out More...

Scapa Flow 3D Wrecks

Wrecks of Scapa Flow

The diversity of the wrecks and the fascinating history behind them makes Scapa Flow world-renowned. This unique dive experience is now open to all through this website. Find Out More...

Scapa Flow History

Scapa Flow History

Despite being a small and remote location, Scapa Flow has an incredible history. Explore archive photos with commentary written specifically for the project by local experts. Find Out More...

Scapa Flow Wildlife

Marine Wildlife

Surrounded by the impressive wilds of the Orkney Islands, Scapa Flow is home to a variety of wildlife above and below the water. A plethora of marine life now inhabits the wrecks. Find Out More...



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