kronprinz wilhelm

Kronprinz Wilhelm

  • Type: Battleship
  • Class: König
  • Length: 146m
  • Beam: 28m
  • The size and scale of the engineering on Kronprinz Wilhelm is remarkable. The wreck is just 12 metres at the shallowest point and has retained many guns. An accessible and fascinating dive.

SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm

As a battleship Kronprinz Wilhelm was designed to optimise defence, offence and propulsion. Like her sister ship Markgraf, the sheer size and scale of this wreck is remarkable. She has retained a surprising amount of armament, which provides a fascinating throwback to the ship's service days.

Lying between 12 and 38 metres, this wreck is well within the grasp of competent sport divers.

The immense size of the Kronprinz Wilhelm can easily overshadow other aspects of the wreck and divers often come away with little more than an appreciation for her vast proportions. The wreck demands time for the more intricate side to be understood.

However, once understood this becomes an all-encompassing wreck. Half the ship’s complement of 12 inch guns are accessible and visible. Few wrecks in the world offer divers the chance to see such sights.

kronprinz wreck

Kronprinz Wilhelm 3D Shipwreck Tour

The vast scale of the Kronprinz Wilhelm is the first thing that tends to strike divers – it’s an imposing and enthralling wreck. Half of the ship’s complement of 12 inch guns remain visible and accessible. Find Out More...

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