SMS Markgraf

  • Type: Battleship
  • Class: König
  • Length: 146m
  • Beam: 28m
  • Markgraf was involved in most of the fleet actions during World War I. The wreck is one of three battleships remaining on the seabed of Scapa Flow.

SMS Markgraf

Often thought of as the jewel in the Scapa Flow crown, Markgraf is of a scale that surpasses anything experienced elsewhere in the world. The wreck remains in superb condition, demonstrating the impressive size of the König class battleships.

The Markgraf is the most involved dive of the fleet. Lying almost completely upturned in 45 metres of water, the wreck requires a level of technicality which the others do not.

The sheer scale of the wreck and the well-preserved features rapidly captivate competent sport divers.

Prominent features include the bow, stern and rudders, which remain largely intact. Not only do these instantly recognisable features reflect the enormity of the Markgraf, they also provide an iconic spectacle.


Markgraf 3D Shipwreck Tour

Thanks to the Markgraf remaining intact in distinct areas – including the rudders, bow and stern – the sheer scale of this battleship is evident in a way that is not so tangible on the other wrecks. Find Out More...

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